Do you need an Event Manager?

Most People find it hard to understand why they need an Event Manager, so here is an idea of how event managers can help you or your company and why you may consider an Event Manager for your next big event.

Did you know that an Event Manager is one of the most stressful jobs? and here on some reasons why:

1. Logistics – Research! Research! Research! Location is very important, Event Managers find the perfect venue and location that suits your event needs, they can source hotels and arrange travel for your clients.
2. Marketing – Event Managers need to understand your target market so they can reach them through social media, create posters and generate ticket sales for your event.
3. Budgeting – Event Managers work alongside their clients budget, they can keep costs low by negotiating prices and working closely with cost effective suppliers.
4. Scheduling – Always plan ahead! Personally I would use a Gantt chart which is a timeline that illustrates the activites or tasks that need to be completed on time.
5. Coordinating – It is important to coordinate with others, as an Event Manager you will work with many different suppliers so it important to merge together and build good relationships.
6. Creation – Having a creative mind is essential, Event managers can share ideas and themes for your event.
7. Security – Does you event need security? Event managers have the knowledge and understanding of crisis planning, An unexpected crisis can happen at any time which could lead to injury or death, it is therefore crucial to think about security at your event!
8. Contingency planning – Having a plan B is vital for your event, when something goes wrong you need a plan otherwise your event may end in a disaster.

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